My Work Experience

Jack here! I’m typing this to talk about my work experience placement I had at the AFA.

For those who don’t know what the AFA is, it is a fostering agency which I have been in for 13 years, which is when it started. The placement I have had has been to be involved in doing budgeting along with various amounts of other things, including (but not limited to) making posters.

If at all anyone considers taking something because they are not sure, I personally will say to take the chance, as helping others to do things they want is important. This is one of the things I talked about with the owners of the company, Nigel and Graeme. The people who I have worked with have all be super nice. Although the workload could be considered hard by others, I found it very helpful and insightful as this is a company I have now seen both sides of.

Now, on to what I have actually done here. The first day was introductions and getting used to everything and the start of budgeting. The second day was creating posters for future events, which was also very fun. The third day, I didn’t have much work to do, as before the meeting I had done the work I was meant to do on this day. So instead I waited for the next meeting and made yet another poster and a wordsearch for people to do. Day four was the day of the big meeting, but before that, I had a look through all the forms and questions that would be presented to children in care.

On the second week, more budgeting work was done, where I finished all the work I needed to do for the rest of the week as well. And as of the Thursday that week, I looked at the environmental policy, the children’s guide and the bullying pamphlets. Of which have all been evaluated, criticised and complemented. After all of that I wrote about the importance of pride everywhere, while trying to encourage people to see everything that they could benefit from and how companies could be improving in order to account for all situations.

Which finally brings me onto this. Talking about what I did on my work experience. Overall it has been super fun, and I haven’t felt nervous or pressured to do anything that I didn’t want to do, instead I have asked for the extra things. The adaptability which we have all worked with has been great, and that brings this to an end.

For more information on the AFA, you could look at their website, AFA Fostering, or talk to people who have been fostered or with relatives in the agency. Best of luck to everyone in the future. JC.